Boys Read

What happens to boys’ reading from 2nd to 4th grade? It decreases in importance. Sports, x-box, being cool, all create understandable distractions. How do we keep them interested and curious? Here are a few clues. These guys love the bookmobile. This youtube video shows what creativity in a library can do.  


There is  a well known software package that city and county development teams rely on. It is called IMPLAN. By constructing Social Accounts that describe the structure and function of a specific economy, IMPLAN can create a localized model to investigate the consequences of projected economic transactions in a community. Used by over 2,000 public and…
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Libraries Save Us Money

FACT & STORY A few years ago, I got an MFA in Creative Writing for Children & Young Adults at Hamline University in St. Paul. It was a two year low-residency program with five visits to the campus for intense two week sessions. The balance of the course work was accomplished over the internet with one of the professors reviewing, commenting,…
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Library Facts – Young Adult Reading Habits & Libraries

This week’s blog was going to be a description of the plan to open the new library in the spring of 2016. But then I read the recently released Pew Research Center’s study on the reading habits of 16-29 year olds. Shock. Almost all Americans under 30 are online. However, they are still reading print.…
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