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  1. Yvonne Boutch Barth

    Mary Jo, who can say it any better? Thank you.
    My love of the Alfred Dickey Library remains with me yet today. I remember the smell of the oil or wax used on the tables and floors, the smell of the books, the wonder of all that was available to me and others. And like you, memories of kindness offered by the front desk personnel.
    The public library during my time (1950-1957) was also a safe haven for those of us who had two working parents and who did not wish to enter a dark house during our ND winters.
    My Girl Scout Troop met in the basement. Thank you Alfred Dickey for your presence in our little community at the time.

  2. Lynn krueger

    Awesome quotes. Too bad the nonreaders will never read them and understand the feelings of others.
    Lynn Krueger

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