From Library Patrons – Questions And Comments

We recently placed a sheet for “QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ABOUT THE NEW LIBRARY,” at each front desk. A representative sample of questions and comments are listed below with the libraries response.

DATE    QUESTION OR COMMENT                                                                                                                       & RESPONSE

8.15.13  Love your DVD’s & audio books.                                                                                                                   Thanks! They are an important part of the collection

8.27.13  Love the librarians! Always helpful & knowledgeable.                                                                                  Thanks! They are key to a libraries success.

8.30.13  Need more books on tape for the hard to hear.                                                                                           Good suggestion, we will definitely look into it.

8.30.13  How much more room will there be for books?                                                                                            The new library will have space for the current collection and be                                            flexible to meet the needs of the future. The key will be the ability to                                      move fixtures and function. The balance of traditional materials,                                            books, and electronic publications, kindle and nook, will change.                                            This leads us to the answer for the next comment.

9.5.13    There have not been any adequate reasons given that the current facilities can’t                   be improved.                                                                                                                                                  There is no room in either building for more community spaces                                            where people can meet to discuss issues important to them, do                                            research, study, or read.  The one conference room in Alfred Dickey                                    is in constant use. The kids area is under-spaced and cannot be                                          expanded. There are not enough electrical outlets and no efficient                                        way to add them. It is essential that the new library have the ability to                                    change when the balance between traditional materials and                                                  e-materials changes. Traditional printed materials will not disappear.                                    You will always be able to sit in the new library with a book in                                                your hand. What is sure to change is the way books are read.                                              What’s next after smart-phones, tablets and e-readers, we can’t                                          predict. But we can be ready to adapt to those new devices. We are                                    not able to change or adapt in the current buildings and they cannot                                      be remodeled to become flexible.

9.6.13     Great librarians, need more room!                                                                                                               That’s the plan!!

9.9.13  Good! Finally some parking 🙂                                                                                                                          Right. Parking spaces go from hardly any to over 60

More comments will be published as they come in.