How Does An Author Market A Book? Social Media, Book Clubs & Libraries.

Yesterday I heard it said that there are 1,000,000 self-published books, e-books and hard copies, available for sale. Today I read that Smashwords published its 250,000th e-book this month. Amazon won’t release numbers of anything they sell. However if you are numbers crazy, you can dig into their published information, such as the fact that my adult novel, The Singing Bone,,  is #502,561 on the best seller list in the Kindle store. In today’s publishing world, there are no author tours to all the great books stores in the country. There aren’t many left, and who knows what will happen to Barnes & Nobel. Authors are marketing themselves through social media, facebook, twitter, Linked-In and YouTube. They get their friends to write glowing reviews on the Kindle, Nook, & KOBO selling platforms. They get invited to a Book Club and share their writing process and how they came up with that character and plot line. Thanks to the Edgeley Book Club for inviting me to share my writing process and listen to how they liked or didn’t like a character or plot twist.

Edgeley Book Club

Libraries across the country are providing book club bags with ten of a novel for clubs to use. Next step is having 10 e-books of a hot title available. They are providing space for book clubs to meet. They suggest local authors for book clubs to invite. Yeah, it’s easier to get a book published but it’s a different world today trying to find an audience along with the other 1,000,000 books out there.  Social Media, Book Clubs and Libraries are made for the the self-publishing revolution.