Front Porch Chat: Part 2. What’s Inside The New Library?

The last 20 minutes of Sunday’s Front Porch Chat were spent discussing what was inside the new library.


New Features Not Possible in Current Facilities

The new library breathes and adapts as the world changes.

7 Community Spaces: Includes a Children’s project area, 115 capacity meeting room, Tech Lab, YA room, Local History Room. Space for book clubs, reading, studying, job search, health care research, education research.

Flexible Fixtures & Spaces: Allows quick adaption to community needs.

Light: Inviting, comfortable.

Universal Power Access: For current and new gadgets. Allows for reaction to change in balance of e-publishing and traditional materials. A book is a book whether electronic or printed.

Programming.  More children’s, young adult, adult and senior programming to fit the needs of the community.

Friends of the Library: New volunteer program that provides talented and passionate staff for additional programming.

Collaboration: Literacy Workshop with Jamestown School System whose goal is to create life-long readers, writers, learners. Further collaboration with Jamestown College and other county services will be explored.

Efficiency: Smooth Flow of collection from receipt to patron.

*Forrest, Lois, Century of Stories. 1983: 77. Print.