Who Uses The Library? A Short Story.

“Did you go under the table? Did you get that shelf?”

I heard these questions this morning before Stutsman County Library opened.

Shawn Steele from Community Options was here with three volunteer workers tidying up the library. They do a great job of keeping the library neat and clean. Community Options guides people with disabilities through different work skills with the eventual goal of having them join the paid work force.

She explained that the volunteer work helps to integrate her team into the community.

“One of the great things about bringing them to the library is the chance we get to sit with them at the table and read the newspaper together. It’s also a chance for them to use the computer and communicate with their families. Sometimes it takes a while to get the message typed, but it is all worthwhile  since they improve their motor skills and get the satisfaction of communicating with loved ones.”

Made my day.