A Short Story

Yesterday, a young man came into the  library and asked for help with the internet. The librarians were getting the bookmobile ready to go out and asked if I could answer his question about e-mails. Job Service had set him up with a new yahoo account. He was able to open the site but wasn’t quite sure how to check for or send e-mails.

“I’m hoping for a picture that a friend promised to send me when I got this set up. And maybe an email from my son.”

I could see that there was a bold (1) in his inbox and the sender was YAHOO. I told him, “That’s probably Yahoo telling you your account is set up.” I showed him how to address and compose an email, just like a letter. Then left him alone.

I saw him leave a few minutes later. I hope he gets his first e-mail soon. Probably here at the Stutsman County Library.