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Welcome to the James River Valley Library page. I will post once a week when there is a fact to share or a question to answer. There will sometimes be numbers, and sometimes stories, explaining the plan for the new library to Jamestown and Stutsman County. The goal of the blog is to engage all residents in a dialog that touches on perception, opinion, facts, emotion, and in the end, an understanding of the importance of the new library to the future of every resident of our community.

Happy 4th!

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  1. Barbara Lang

    A library system is as integral to a successful community as having a fire department, police department, street department etc. A PUBLIC library is just that . .. a combined city/county function in Jamestown now, since the two separate libraries have been merged into one. The physical location of the county portion is not going to be adequate in the future, due to the lack of accessable bathrooms, and there is no room to physically move the contents of the county library into the city building. Thus, there is a need for a new facility. Additionally, to effectively serve the needs of the citizens, the layout of a library needs to be adapted to deal with changing technology. Many more computers are needed, and ways to handle borrowing ebooks and other online possibilities.
    Every citizen in the county should have access to a library system as part of their basic service needs, provided by the city and county.
    All of which to say that we need a new library, and the city and county should do their share to make it possible. Private funding typically is used as a mechanism to raise funds for “extra” services beyond the basic physical structure, and usually runs no more than about 20-30% of the total cost of the project.
    If the city is to grow in the future, a new library must be part of the planning. Attracting new businesses into the community consists not only of available land, buildings, and workforce . . . .it is about amenities present in the community, like variety in the retail sector, strong education programs, arts/cultural capacity, and a modern library system!
    I encourage every citizen to donate to the private funding program currently in process, as well as to support public funding by the city and county!!
    Barb Lang

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