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Louis L’Amour, Alfred Dickey Free Public Library

These are quotes from the opening pages of Education of a Wandering Man, Bantam Books, 1938. “Education is available to anyone within reach of a library.” Page 2 “All of us had library cards and they were always in use. Reading was as natural to us as breathing.” Page 6 “The first (non-fiction book) was, I believe, a book…
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The Library, Just Walk In The Door

My first memory of books was being read to by both my mother and grandmother. What a wonderful way to be able to bond with a child, the stories took us wherever we wanted to go. Later, as I was able to read on my own the best place to go was the library. It…
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My Library And Literacy

As a parent of four kids, I know that children’s literacy is of utmost importance.  I also know that it is not easy in our modern world of screens everywhere.   I know genetically my kids are not all made up exactly the same and therefore reading comes easy to some and not as easy…
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Chess 50 x 25

Chess At The Library    

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Library And Family Care

    Library and Family Care       There comes a time when all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can never fix Humpty  Dumpty again. My brother Donald, at the age of 77, had come to that point after a number of medical diagnoses had chipped away at his robust health.  The final diagnosis was male…
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